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With over one hundred years of experience, MARELLI VENTILAZIONE is today, as in the past, one of the most prestigious firms in the industrial sector, offering a full range of low , medium and high pressure centrifugal fans as well as a range of axial fans and fume exhausters outlets 400 °C/2h (CTICM).

Today we are carrying on the work started in 1891 by our founder Ercole Marelli. After beginning electric motor production in 1898 Ercole Marelli foresaw an important area of progess in the field of ventilation, coupling the motor directly to hte fan, and all this over a century ago.

There is no field of application, from conditioning to agriculture, textiles to desiccation, from tanning, to welding, foundries to glassworks, to forced draught in mines, from heating plants to ceramic and brickworks, pasta and cereals, to thermonuclear plants, in which MARELLI VENTILAZIONE hasn't specifically designed a ventilator.

The designing uses the following programs: AutoCAD Mechanical for drawing, Autodesk Inventor software and FEM for structural analysis, as well as programs based on models developed in-house.

The entire production process, which takes place at our modern plants, is constantly monitored, and all our products are manufactured to plans conforming to procedures and instructions foreseen by the normative 9001:2015.

Thanks to our new Technical-Commercial setup, MARELLI VENTILAZIONE is now able to offer its clients quality, reliability and service.

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