Centrifugal and axial industrial fans



Capacity: 0,016÷1,666 [mc/s] – 1,0÷100,0 [mc/min] – 58÷5998 [mc/h]
Total pressure: 19,0÷100,0 [mm H2O] – 186÷981 [Pa]
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The electric fans of the low pressure ECB series have a special construction and are used in bakery and pastry ovens. These fans are suitable for conveying warmed air flow into the cooking chambers up to a maximum temperature. of 300 °C.


Flange motor B5. The fans of the ECB series are provided with one or more cooling fans mounted between the electrical motor and the impeller in order to spread the heat of the gas. All the fans are painted with aluminum color, resistant up to 250 °C. On request the fans housings are made of stainless steel.


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